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Recent Ransomware Attack & New CMMC Member

Happy Tuesday, and thanks for tuning in to this week’s segment of Mondays with Miranda. I hope everyone had an awesome Independence Day weekend!

Last week, about 1500 businesses were affected by the Kaseya ransomware attack. Although it has been said that only a small number of Kaseya’s direct customers were affected, many of those customers provide IT services to small businesses, which caused those small businesses to become infected with ransomware as well.

In other news, CMMC-AB member, Regan Edens, recently resigned from his position on the board. He had held this position since CMMC-AB was incorporated at the beginning of 2020, and he also led the Standards Working Group (the volunteer entity responsible for establishing CMMC programmatic definitions). He started out as a volunteer, as did the rest of the board, but recently CMMC-AB has been bringing on full-time staff, including their new CEO, and many changes are coming with that.

Lastly, Katie Arrington has recently been removed from overseeing the CMMC program and from her position as CISO for acquisition and sustainment. In return, the Pentagon appointed, John Garstka, former U.S. Air Force officer and long-time cybersecurity specialist, as acting CISO for acquisition and sustainment. “His responsibilities will include leading the integration of security and cyber efforts within the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense and working to ensure security within the department’s technology supply chain.”

That’s all for today! Thank you for tuning in to this week’s segment of “Mondays With Miranda!” Keep up to date with current news by following NeQter Labs on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Youtube. We love comments and questions, so please feel free to send me an email at [email protected].

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