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Our story

2013. A mid-sized defense contractor with an innovative IT team and a modest budget sets out to make their organization compliant with the new NIST SP 800-171 cybersecurity requirements. The new guidance, which will go into effect for all companies working with the U.S. Department of Defense in 2018, is convoluted and a nightmare to interpret.

Looking for answers, the team went to the open market. To their surprise, no turn-key solution existed. No one seemed to understand what NIST SP 800-171 was all about.

After more research, they realized that achieving best-in-class cyber security — including the ability to visualize whether a network had been compromised — would require a piecemeal approach. It would cost a small fortune. It would take time to implement.

Here was an opportunity. They took the initiative and started building a team to develop a system that didn’t exist. They hired cybersecurity professionals, teamed them with their existing engineers, broke down the cyber-compliance mandates into something logical and understandable.

From there, they built the solution they had dreamed of: a network appliance to address critical auditing and accountability requirements, and a policy builder tool to walk companies step-by-step through how to write best-in-class cyber policies and develop their system security plan.

All companies need to address cybersecurity, from the largest to the smallest. NeQter Labs has built a solution that brings cybersecurity compliance within reach for small to mid-sized companies. We know what you need, because we’ve been there.

The Team

Richard Astle

CEO/ Co-Founder

Patrick Colantonio

Director of Sales

Shawn Houston

Director of Products

George Chace

Software Developer

Corey Maroney

Software Developer

Triet Nguyen

Network Engineer

Vinara Hang

Technical Support Manager

Christopher St. Laurent

Technical Support

Miranda Simpson

Operations Manager

Levi Kapilevich

Business Development Representative

Matthew Nunez

Account Executive

Nicholas Firda

Customer Success Manager


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