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Mondays With Miranda: June 11, 2018

Happy Monday Everyone! There are more than just a few exciting events going on this week. First, the Tech & Innovation Leaders’ Summit: Professional Services is starting today, and will go through tomorrow. It is the United Kingdom’s first exclusive event featuring technology leaders in the areas of professional services, law, accountancy, and consultancy. Also, another event coming up is Cyber Week 2018, and that is happening from Sunday, June 17th to Thursday, June 21st. This event features speakers including cybersecurity experts, industry leaders, investors, academics, diplomats, and other government officials. These sound like great events, so attend if you can!


Before I begin to talk about current news, I want to mention one last event that I think is extremely important. This Thursday, on June 14th, an event named “RESET” will be taking place at University College of London, in London, UK. A group of women noticed that at the RSA Conferences this year, there was only one women speaker, out of the twenty speakers invited. When questioned, organizers from the RSA Conference claim that there are not enough women in the field and that they had no other choice but to invite male speakers. The women decided there needs to be an all-female lineup at an event to prove that there are enough women who are equally as talented and knowledgeable in the field. The group of women who are putting on “RESET” compiled a list of over 100 women in the field that are eligible to speak at the event, before choosing the specific lineup. The best part about this event is that the speakers are going to be speaking about their work, and their research rather than having to focus on themselves as individuals.

Coca-Cola’s Can Full of Breaches

Coca Cola

Coca-Cola was informed in September 2017 by law enforcement that an ex-employee of Coca-Cola was found with a hard drive that had been filled with employee data and information. Recent reports say that the data breach incident has impacted a total of 8,000 employees. In response to this, Coca-Cola is providing the affected employees with free identity monitoring for one year. Coca-Cola stated to its workers: “We take the protection and proper use of your information very seriously and we deeply regret that this happened.” It is unclear whether or not any of the information was used to commit identity theft, as there are still many unknown factors.

Reboot All SOHO Routers

internet router today tease 180530 inline large

The FBI recently issued a PSA that advises all SOHO router owners to reboot their devices. This is due to the recent incident where foreign cyber hackers were compromising thousands of routers, as well as other network devices. The hackers used VPNFilter malware to target the routers, and the malware is able to collect information, exploit the devices, and block network traffic. In order to prevent this from happening further, the FBI insists that these home and office routers be rebooted/power cycled to disrupt the malware. Also, the FBI recommends that owners disable remote management settings and upgrade devices to the latest firmware versions.

Thank you for tuning in for this week’s segment of “Mondays With Miranda!” Keep up to date with current news by following NeQter Labs on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn. As always, if anyone has any questions, feel free to email [email protected]. Have a great week everyone!



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