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U.S. Electrical Grid More Vulnerable Than Ever

Hey guys, it’s Monday again! Just a quick reminder, our CEO, Richard Astle, is a finalist in the Cox Business News 2019 Get Started Rhode Island event on October 2nd, 2019. This event is a “shark tank” type of competition between startup business leaders to pitch their ideas in front of an audience and a panel of judges. NeQter Labs would love your support at the event, and it’s free to attend! If you’d like to attend, click the link here to register!

In today’s cyber news, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) determined last week that the United States electrical grid is becoming more vulnerable to cyber attacks than ever before. The GAO stated that a major reason for this is because consumers are using more and more IoT devices and GPS. It has been much talked about that IoT devices are very high-risk and have little-to-no security. The GAO made recommendations to the Department of Energy and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to make changes to cybersecurity standards, to hopefully prevent any cyber attacks on our electrical grid.

In other news, the well-known food delivery service, DoorDash, just announced a data breach that occurred in May, affecting 4.9 million customers and merchants. The hacker gained access to names, emails, home addresses, phone numbers, passwords, driver’s license numbers of the delivery drivers, and the last 4 digits of customer credit cards. Supposedly, customers and merchants who joined DoorDash after April 5th 2018, are not affected by this breach. It has been advised that anyone who joined before that date should change passwords to all of their accounts associated with the email used for DoorDash.

That’s all for today! Thank you for tuning in to this week’s segment of “Mondays With Miranda!” Keep up to date with current news by following NeQter Labs on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We love comments and questions, so drop me an email [email protected]. Enjoy your week!

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