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The Significant Threat of USB Devices

Happy Monday to all of you readers! I have two interesting pieces of cyber news to share today:

USB Devices… Are They Safe?

A research study done by Honeywell was just released on Friday, and it shows that removable USB devices (flash drives) are a significant threat to industrial facilities. Honeywell examined data from 50 industrial locations, and 44% detected and blocked at least one file due to a security issue. Many of the detected threats were known issues such as Mirai, TITRON, and variants of Stuxnet. This data brings light to the fact that advanced systems must be implemented, or serious and dangerous situations will soon arise.

Google Improves Security

At the end of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Google made a few small, but important, security changes. Google users are now going to be required to have JavaScript turned on in their browsers, when signing into their accounts. Also, the Security Checkup Feature has been updated, which now prompts users to delete harmful apps and disable devices that are not in use. Lastly, Google has implemented an automatic step-by-step verification process, if a user’s account is ever compromised.

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