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Mondays With Miranda: June 18, 2018

Mondays With Miranda

Good morning, and happy Monday! There are many great events happening this week in the cyber world. On Tuesday, June 19th, CISO Executive Summit Series: Atlanta will be happening. This is an event “designed by CISOs, for CISOs.” There will be exclusive content provided through speakers, as well as the opportunity to network with the region’s top security executives. That same day, June 19th, another event called IANS Information Security Forums: Minneapolis will be going on as well. This is a two day event which provides curriculum with over 30 sessions led by IANS faculty and other security leaders. It is an event designed for senior-level information security executives of all industries.

DoD News

The Department of Homeland Security has recently instructed that the Department of Defense needs to comply with new rules including banning Kaspersky anti-virus and mandating email security. Government systems will not be allowed to contain the Moscow-based anti-virus protection company, Kaspersky Labs, and it has also become mandated that anti-spoofing email security tools must be used. As of now, the directives are only binding on civilian agencies, but the Senate’s version of the NDAA specifically directs the DoD to implement the anti-spoofing email security tools.

Are Airplanes the Next Victims?

A recent assessment by the Department of Homeland Security informed the public that commercial flight systems may be at risk for potential hacks and cyberattacks. This came about due to the research done by a group of security experts last year, where they successfully hacked into a Boeing 757 aircraft without the pilots’ knowledge. It has been stated that airplanes have not been implementing proper cybersecurity protections and must soon take steps to protect their systems. There are many lives on the line when it comes to commercial flight systems, and it should be top priority to make the necessary changes to protect the machines that carry our citizen’s lives.

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