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Mondays With Miranda: April 30, 2018

Good morning, fellow cyber-enthusiasts! It’s a lovely day today, and to make it even better, I have the inside scoop on what I think is one of the coolest cybersecurity events. The Automotive Cybersecurity Summit 2018 starts tomorrow, May 1st, and is going all the way until May 8th. It will be taking place in Chicago, IL, with information security courses being offered, along with exclusive networking opportunities. The summit will focus on presenting some of the most recent smart vehicles and smart infrastructures. Attendees and presenters will include public and private-sector manufacturers, suppliers, assemblers, and technology providers. They will mainly be discussing the intricate and interdependent relationships between smart vehicles and smart infrastructures. Two of the days will consist of demonstrations from leading automotive industry cybersecurity experts, along with experts from other sectors. This includes hands-on demos, learning exercises, and networking activities. “Experts will share best practices and guidance for the design, build, operation, and maintenance aspects of the contemporary vehicle lifestyle and their supporting infrastructures.” I hope some of you will attend, it sounds awesome!

On another note, a few weeks ago, I talked about Intel’s “Spectre” flaw in their chips.  Now that they have addressed the issue, Intel has come out with the statement that says: “Our chips can make you safer.” They made this announcement after their reputation took a hit when everyone found out about the flaw in their chips. The explanation behind this recent statement is that they now have designed two new features to improve the effectiveness of computers running security programs that detect and block hackers. One of the features is called “Advanced Memory Scanning,” and is used in advanced threat protection. The other feature is called “Advanced Platform Telemetry,” which improves the speed of security programs running on networking technology and will be used in a product called the “Cisco Tetration Platform.” It looks like Intel has made a pretty good comeback after the huge issue they were experiencing. They addressed one of the biggest issues users complain about, which is the speed of computers being slow primarily because of antivirus software and other cybersecurity programs. Intel announced that the “Advanced Memory Scanning” feature brought the percent of processing power being used to run software down to 2%; a 20% decrease than it was before. Intel’s back in the game… although, it’s not like they really ever had much of a competition anyways.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back next week. Have a great day everyone!

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