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CMMC Draft Version 0.7

Dec 16, 2019

Happy Monday! CMMC or the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification released draft version 0.7 last week. You can view the document here. The new draft includes levels 4 & 5 of the CMMC, as the previous draft versions did not.

Last week, the city of Pensacola, FL was hit by a cyber attack just days after a shooting at U.S. military base Naval Air Station Pensacola. The city’s networks and systems were shut down as a result of the attack, and it is under investigation whether the two incidents were related or not. It is also still unclear how the cyber attack occurred, but officials have now confirmed there was ransomware involved. The city has not yet given any information on when systems and services will be fully restored.

In other news, the largest hospital system in New Jersey was infected by ransomware and paid the ransom to resolve it. The amount paid was not disclosed, but the hospital system was required to reschedule non-emergency appointments, and provide care for all emergencies without accessing electronic records.

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About the Author: Miranda Simpson

Miranda Simpson is a Technical Writer & Support Representative at NeQter Labs, in Middletown, RI. She is extremely passionate about technology and cybersecurity. She enjoys long walks on the beach while listening to punk rock with her mobile walkman.

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