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Cloud Contracts & CMMC Drafts

Happy Monday! Last week, you probably heard about the $10 billion contract that Microsoft was awarded by the Pentagon involving the DoD’s cloud computing services. Microsoft was awarded a 10 year contract, called the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud contract, which came as a surprise to many, as it was expected to be awarded to Amazon Web Services (AWS). With this contract, Microsoft will manage and store sensitive military data, as well as provide the U.S. military with access to artificial intelligence and other technologies.

In other news, the DoD will be releasing an updated draft of the CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) in early November. Since the DoD released version 0.4 of the CMMC in September, more than 2,000 comments were received and are being reviewed. Version 1.0 is set to release in January 2020, and “the first requests for information that include CMMC requirements are set to release in June 2020.”

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