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NIST SP 800-171 Requirement 3.3: Audit & Accountability 

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On another note, NeQter Labs just released Update 1.5.1 for the CM171 appliance and Policy Compliance Tool, which includes many new features and product enhancements.
If you’re wondering what multi-factor authentication is, it is a security feature that requires users to use two or more credentials such as
By now you should be aware of the DoD’s December deadline for government contractors to meet new cybersecurity standards.
The regulation states that contractors in the entire supply chain implement information security measures, or risk losing government business.
This second e-book was written specifically for companies, realizing the deadline at the last minute, that need to put their best foot forward to meet the requirements.
When 2017 comes to an end, new regulations will be implemented to protect government information that is used by nonfederal organizations.
A couple of years ago, our contracts officer approached me about a Department of Defense (DoD) ruling—new cybersecurity standards for government contractors involving the safeguarding of covered defense information and cyber incident reporting.
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